Mystery Surrounds New Copywriter


Alright, so maybe he’s not brand new (he’s a seven-weeker now and knows where the refrigerator is and everything), but we still need to give him a proper welcome. Everyone meet our newest writer, Jeff Houghton.

d. How do you like deep so far?
J. I really like it a lot. (We didn’t even tell him to say that.) I’ve always wanted to work in a creative field, surrounded by creative people. Even the work birthday parties here are creative extravaganzas. Did I mention the birthday parties? They’re pretty good.

d. What’s the story behind your mysterious nickname? Don’t keep us in suspense!
J. My nickname is Mystery Jeff, even though I have very little mystery surrounding me. I moved to Springfield and was supposed to move in with a buddy of mine when I got the money. After pushing it back a few months, he and his friends, who had only ever heard of me, started referring to me as this “mystery Jeff.”

d. Any nicknames besides mystery jeff?
J. My wife calls me Stop It Jeff and Grow Up Jeff and Seriously, How Old Are You Jeff? But, other than that, none.

d. What’s a bit of your history with words?
J. I’ve written sketches for my late night talk show, The Mystery Hour, for several years, and written for 417 Magazine, among other publications. In 2011, I moved to Los Angeles to try to make it big in the acting world and blogged about the experience every day. Writing that blog so often was great for honing my writing chops.

d. Favorite food?
J. My grandma’s dried beef gravy.

d. Everybody’s got something. So what makes you weird?
Most everything about me. I really like watching bad TV and infomercials. The worse they are, the more I like them for some reason. I also enjoy gum too much. It all started when I had adult braces and was constantly worried about having food in my teeth. As a result of the braces, I am also obsessed with looking at other people’s teeth.

Is everyone flossing? Welcome to deep, Jeff. We’re glad to have you.

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