Ways to Wow All Your Foodie Friends at Your Super Bowl Party

At deep, we’re serious about our food and food-related holidays. Super Bowl Sunday is no exception.

According to the American Institute of Food Distribution, Super Bowl Sunday is second on the list of American events with the most food consumption—following Thanksgiving.

In two short weeks, people across the U.S. will consume more than one billion chicken wings, 120 million pounds of avocados and two-and-a-half million pounds of nuts. And with that much food to consume, you want to make sure your hosting game is flawless.

To help you get started, we’ve collected tips from deepsters detailing some ways to wow your foodie friends during the big game.


Photo by James Random, as seen on Food52.

Make first impressions during the countdown to kickoff.

Don’t let appetizers be a second thought—like left shark’s dance moves. A well-thought-out dip or snack is a sure way to start the game out on the right foot.

  • Many of our deepsters agree Buffalo Chicken Dip is a MUST on game day, and Frank’s Red Hot has the perfect recipe.
  • For an element of surprise, pair this ‘Crack Dip’ recipe (as one of our deepsters affectionately calls it because once you start you can’t stop eating) with scratch-made Fire Crackers.
  • Another appetizing starter recipe worth trying is Chicken and Black Bean Nachos from Food52.



Design by Poppy & Bloom, as seen on eVite.com

Add uptown funk to your water break.

Why should beer get all of the game-day love? Upping your imbibe efforts is the perfect way to score a touchdown with guests.

  • For a great cocktail you can make in big batches, we recommend this Buck Hunker recipe from Imbibe magazine.
  • And for a non-alcoholic option, a DIY soda bar adds a natural buzz to your party. This Grapefruit soda recipe is a great place to start.
  • Also, a simple glass dispenser of water next to a “water break” sign can elevate your hosting game and add to the party decor.



Photo by Bon Appetit.

Fix yourself a main course at halftime.

Give your guests a sense of culinary freedom with a DIY Bar for the main course. It’s fun and low maintenance, so you can focus on the game, while your friends experience something they will talk about at the work water cooler for days to come.

  • We love the idea of a DIY Italian Sub Bar. Set out the foundation of the sandwich—bread, meat and cheese—and then put out all the fixings—vinegar included—so your friends can customize an Italian hero.
  • Take nachos from starter to main course with this Bánh Mì Nacho Bar concept from Chase the Flavors.
  • Still trying to stick with New Year’s resolutions? Serve an elaborate salad bar and encourage guests to bring their favorite toppings. This is the deepsters’ go-to party staple that pleases a crowd with diverse dietary needs.



Photo by Brit + Co.

Serve desserts from paradise.

Last but not least, be sure to end your game day with top-notch sweets for a lasting final impression.

  • One of our deepsters loves to make football-shaped sugar cookies—a perfect item to bring to a friend’s Super Bowl party or serve to your guests.
  • In honor of Beyoncé returning to the halftime stage, try serving these jelly-filled doughnuts with a sign that says: “Don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”
  • Finally, these ice cream brownie sandwiches from Brit + Co are another perfect football-shaped dessert solution—especially for kids.

What are your favorite game-day recipes and tricks to hosting a spectacular Super Bowl party? We’d love to hear!

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