Friday Food Stories: Get to Know Our Favorite Baker

Janet Brooks—Media Planner at deep—has a seriously sweet talent. Thankfully for us, she’s also really good at sharing. From cakes and cookies to brownies, bars and pies, Janet bakes food show-worthy masterpieces like you’ve never seen.


Ever since she was a little girl, she has been honing her baking abilities. When the rest of us were pretend baking pies with play dough or learning to use an easy-bake oven, Janet was encouraged to do the real thing—adult oven and all. We can thank her mom, another queen in the kitchen, for that.

It started with the tradition of making Christmas cookies—Janet was hooked. Her lifelong love for baking was inspired and the experimenting began and continues today. With a degree in food & nutrition, a career in foodservice, and endless trial and error (she once helplessly watched as a beautiful, three-layer cake slid apart on her way to work), as you can imagine, her talent for baking has only grown. Our taste buds are so thankful.

Pinterest, baking blogs, and television channels dedicated to making food have also influenced the creations that come from her kitchen. With endless sources of sweet inspiration, her desserts are never boring and she never gets tired of trying something new. But, as any baker would tell you, she has forever favorites that never fail. Heart-shaped sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day, three-layer Tuxedo Cake (Find the recipe here!) for parties and her husband’s top pick, Pumpkin Loaf Cake topped with Sticky Toffee Sauce. Hungry yet?

Where the patience and sometimes lengthy process deters many from building a love for baking, Janet finds these attributes enjoyable. For her, the time and effort involved is part of what makes the final product so good—especially for others. The gift of giving something scratch made is what it’s all about. After all, there’s no better way to tell someone you really care about them than with a gift of time well-spent creating the dessert of their dreams.

With Valentine’s Day coming up quick, we think we’re going to take a tip from Janet and surprise all our favorite people with something scratch made. You in?

Friday Food Stories is a spotlight series showcasing deepsters and their deep love for all things food. Check back soon for more!

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  1. Bill Saffold

     /  January 29, 2016

    Hi Janet! Hope all is going well!


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